Root Canal:

The root canal is the dental treatment in which the centre of the teeth, termed the pulp is got attacked by the bacteria. The tooth pulp may get swollen, and painful. It may also swell up the mouth and causes headache. The dentist treats the root canal by removing the pulp of teeth that is the third component of the tooth. The root canal is first diagnosed by x-ray to check the severity of the infection. Afterward, it is treated by washing the enamel, and dentin to pull out the pulp. After the removal of pulp, it forms a cavity in the tooth that is filled with a sealant.


The veneers are the transparent shells that are fixed on the front teeth of the mouth. The veneers are then placed on the teeth for nearly 30 days that place the teeth in their appropriate position. The manipulation of the veneers is a slow process but being a natural procedure that updates the tooth position. The shells of the veneers are composed of porcelain and other resin composite materials. In the fashion industry, veneers are concerned with cosmetic concerns. The veneers are mainly found in two types. First is the “prep veneers” in which the tooth structure is grinding down, tooth the layer of the enamel moves to straighten the tooth. It is quite painful hence the dentist recommends the medicine that comprises the anaesthesia, and the patient does not feel pain at all. The second category is “no-prep veneers” which is a less advanced form. The enamel is only moved. These veneers are visible when the patient smiles.

Teeth whitening:

The teeth are more crucial not only for grinding, and tearing the food but also essential to improve the personality. The personality is concerned with the smile. The man’s smile has more confidence when his teeth are white. Teeth whitening is done by the number of components. The sources of teeth whitening may be natural or synthetic.

  • The bleaching agents include the hydrogen peroxide that breaks up the tartar and polishes the enamel. Besides bleaching, proper brushing, and flossing is also mandatory, otherwise, there is no use for the investment. The bleaching agent, no doubt, whiten the teeth but sometimes the bleaches start to affect the tooth enamel. The source of teeth whitening becomes the source of sensitive teeth.
  • The second mode for teeth whitening is the manipulation of paste. Nearly, all the toothpaste comprises fluoride and other bleaching agents. The toothpaste is quite cheaper than the bleaching agents, and proffer the result of teeth whitening.
  • Tray-based teeth whitening system comprises the hydrogen peroxide in the mouth directly. This should be done after 4 days, and once a week. This number can vary in order of the severity of tooth decay.